Zinc-why it is important

Zinc has had a lot of attention with Covid.  Zinc deficiency has been shown to cause diarrhea, delayed healing of wounds, taste abnormalities, loss of appetite as well as growth abnormalities.  Do some of these symptoms seem familiar?  Many of them are COVID symptoms (not the growth abnormalities)! People over [...]

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When COVID changes…

As we are seeing more and more cases of positive cases of COVID, the number of deaths are a fraction of what we had seen initially.  Why?  A study reported the death rate in ICU’s was 62% in March and by the end of May it was down to 40%.  [...]

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When bloating is an issue

Farmers are well-versed in the perils of “bloat” of their livestock.  This is a condition that can occur when an animal overeats.  They start developing toxic amount of gas and if there is no intervention (often having to stick a tube down their stomach) death can occur within a few [...]

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Cellulite – need I say more?

Cellulite seems to be the most common body issue in women and it is always a topic for lamenting!    It is formed from multiple factors including inheriting the predisposition from your parents, geez.  Thanks mom and dad!  It’s amazing that it doesn’t matter your size, your weight, how much you [...]

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The dark side of Energy Drinks

The energy drink industry is BOOMING!  This is a 60 Billion dollar industry that is increasing rapidly.  It has become a number one choice among our young adults and you can find these on the menu added to your favorite drinks as well as alcohol drinks.  The concern is rising [...]

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8 Reasons you Need Sun in your Life

Now, more than ever we need to be tapping into what nature is giving us.  Cue, sunlight.  It is amazing something as simple as getting sun exposure has so many benefits.  Sun has many physical and mental health benefits but who knew that the sun decreases our fat storage among [...]

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Leaky gums

Do you have “leaky” gums? I am a big believer that our mouths can create a whole malady of systemic issues and started referring patients who have high hsCRP inflammatory markers to Dr. Debbie Ozment, DDS years ago to help link this together.  She has not only found countless connections [...]

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Cytokine storm of COVID19

I am sure you have heard of the “cytokine storm” in regards to the cause of death from COVID19.  It is obvious that this is a bad thing but to keep with my geeky COVID19 emails I thought I would explain this phenomena a little more and how one specific [...]

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