5 tips for addressing cholesterol

I have had a request to revisit cholesterol and options for treatment.  To understand what your cholesterol goal should be you need to know more than just your regular, standard cholesterol numbers. As far as treatments go, the lipidologists (those physicians that focus on cholesterol) will show you study after [...]

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3 surprising home toxins

We have been detoxing this past week and on Monday I had a great group discussing all the areas we can work on in our home to decrease our chemical exposure.  I remember when I first started doing functional medicine, when heavy metals/toxins were brought up I truly answered that [...]

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The benefits of detoxing

Thanksgiving is usually filled with food, food and more food.  Many of you might be suffering a post-Thanksgiving food hangover.  Symptoms like bloating, joint pain, headaches, swelling fingers, bottom of feet hurting when you first get out of bed, diarrhea, and constipation can be related to what you eat.  Take [...]

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Rotisserie Chicken Concerns

The $4.99 Costco rotisserie chicken is such a great deal and so easy to grab for dinner who wouldn’t grab and go?  It seems so easy and a quick healthy alternative.  Not so fast….  Sometimes quick and easy is not always the best. READ ON to learn why the supermarket [...]

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Anxiety top 10 tips

As we turn the corner leading into the holidays, there is typically a plethora of emotions that many people encounter:  dread, panic, fear, sadness and probably one of the most common…anxiety.  Anxiety can manifest in several ways:  worry, obsession, fear, anger, erratic thoughts, forgetfulness, confusion and panic attacks.  The symptoms [...]

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Testosterone Risks for Women

Last week I discussed the risks of too much testosterone for men so now let’s look at women.  There has been a huge push for testosterone in women in the last five years and is being touted for energy and libido.   Advertising leads us to believe that the only reason [...]

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Testosterone Risks for Men

I can’t turn on the radio without hearing a commercial about testosterone for men.  They tout resolution of low libido, low energy and lack of muscle mass.  Yes, while testosterone can improve these areas for a man it can also cause some life threatening complications that you need to know [...]

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