Helping our kids….

Many of you have kids of all stages of life and during times like these mama and papa bears come out and try to protect our cubs.  There are some unique challenges we are all facing as parents.  Perhaps your young adults aren’t taking this seriously, maybe your teen is [...]

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Is the Impossible Burger good for you?

I have been hearing a lot about the impossible burger these days and thought I would explore what all the hype was about.  The impossible burger is the latest in attempts of plant based products that supposedly looks, tastes and even bleeds like real meat.  You might be surprised to [...]

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8 Tips for a great Dr’s visit

In this medical climate, it is becoming harder and harder to navigate your healthcare so I wanted to share some tips that may make it more productive for you. Read on for eight tips of making the most of any healthcare visit from labs to insurance to your office visit [...]

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5 tips to avoid blood sugar problems

November is National Diabetes Month and millions of people are walking around with diabetes and don’t even know it.  Even worse, millions of people have gone to their primary care physician and have been told they are fine or are pre-diabetic and are just being followed rather than being proactive [...]

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Top tips for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is such an interesting diagnosis.  I often think of it as a label that really means nothing more than "we have no idea why you feel bad'.  People with fibromyalgia legitimately don't feel good, have increased pain sensation, altered mood, muscle aches, joint pain just to name a few [...]

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Tapping – a stress busting tool

Any time you are going thru a difficult time regardless if it is a physical issue or an emotional issue, science has shown that we store these energies in our body.  The paths these type of energies travel in are often referred to as meridians.  The ancient Chinese had extensive [...]

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5 Stomach Flu Tips

5 Stomach Flu Tips Back to school often brings many ailments not only to the children but the community.  I have heard of several people in the last week with the stomach flu so thought I would give you a heads up on some tips to get thru it as [...]

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